The Souvlaki Project: Milton’s

3425 Union Road at Walden
Cheektowaga, NY




Interesting Fact
Miltons is the fast food nephew of the Altons family. The name “Altons” comes from the merger of the names of the two original brothers that own the restaurants – Al, and Milton. I can’t prove any of this, but someone told me it once, and it sounds very plausible.

Order – Open Chicken Souvlaki – $7.95 (Beef and Gyro are also available)

Chicken – Herb marinated, most likely in the Greek dressing. Not charred, and somewhat flaccid. Probably cooked en masse, and then pulled from a heated bin as salads are ordered.

Pita – Standard half-cut pita – warm,  but not grilled or toasted.

Greek Dressing – Tastes like it is house made, heavy oil and herb with a little vinegar mixed in – probably 80/20 which I find to be the standard at most of these places.

Salad – Iceberg – probably bag-o-salad style as I noticed little flecks of red cabbage, and no one really goes through the effort to add red cabbage to a salad on purpose. Some cubed green peppers, red onions, chunks of tomato, and crumbled feta get put in the mix.

Greek Olive/Pepperonchini: One of each. This is the bare minimum for a souvlaki in my opinion.

Bonus: Dill Dip. It is delicious.

Experwpid-20150420_140509.jpgience: Since this is the closest Souvlaki joint to the 2 places I’ve worked at since I moved back to Buffalo 15 years ago,  I’ve probably had a thousand souvlaki meals of various types at Milton’s. One could safely say that the Miltons Souvlaki program is about as standard issue as it gets when it comes to this dish. Its not amazing, nor is it horrible – it just tastes like normal Souvlaki.

Milton’s is all counter ordering, and then they bring your meal on a tray to your table. They also do Roast Beef, and have Dogs and Burgers on a char pit.  They are very consistent in their otherwise unremarkable Souvlaki. I almost wish they would put the chicken on the char-pit to hit it up and give it some depth instead of just keeping it warm in the marinade as they seem to do, but thats just a preference thing. I also find it interesting that while they are part of the Altons family of restaurants, their souvlaki is markedly different from the one at an Altons Restaurant. Altons review forthcoming.

As I stated earlier, I’ve eaten here a gazillion times. Its not my favorite, but it is solid and convenient. For the sale of The Souvlaki Project, I recommend for a quick, inexpensive meal when you’re near the Galleria Mall, or getting your car oil changed across the street at Delta Sonic as an alternative to Subway.


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