Fast Bite: My first SC Biscuit Sandwich


Bakehouse Charleston
Charleston, SC

So this was bound to happen.

If there is one thing our friend James Roberts taught us, it is a pure appreciation for #hotbiscuits. And I love my breakfast sandwiches. 

We hit this little place on East Bay Street for iced coffee and breakfast. A fresh, hot, buttery and flaky biscuit with a fresh cooked egg and a spicy house sausage inside, topped with a thick slice of sharp cheddar. 

Nailing the proper balance on a biscuit sandwich is tough. Too few accoutrements and the biscuit dominates your mouth, where even the most perfect biscuit becomes dry.  Too many, and you have a sloppy, doughy, wet mess. These folks did a great job.

Speaking of biscuit sandwiches… keep an eye on those Toutant #hotbiscuits. There are some rumors that they might be getting treated with more than gravy down the road 😉

Back to our trip…

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