Buffalo Souvlaki – A very important scientific study

Chicken Souvlaki Salad 500 9521Souvlaki.

There aren’t many things I eat with much regularity, but souvlaki is my go-to standard for lunch.

I probably eat souvlaki at least once a week.

I find the prevalence of Greek diners in Buffalo to be a reflection of our appetite for quick food that is inexpensively priced, and tastes good.

I eat enough souvlaki to consider myself an expert.

I’m now an expert.

So I’m going to start evaluating local souvlaki plates in an effort to find the best one, and build a list of standards we can rely on to get a good dish. I’ve already started, but I went on vacation so these posts are delayed.

Meat: I’ll be discussing¬†all meats offered depending on what I feel like eating at the time.¬†Chicken, Beef, Gyro, Lamb? How is it cooked? How is it seasoned? Quality? Quantity? Is the meat skewered or sliced?

Salad Fixins: Romaine? Iceberg? Bag-O-Salad? What other veggies come with it? Are they stingy with the greek olives and pepperoncini?

Pita: Is it fresh? Is it grilled, warm, or cold? Is it a standard pita, grocery store pocket bread, Lebanese flat style?

Plating: Is it on a Styrofoam plate that your knife cuts through when you tear into your chicken? Or is it one of those thicker black plastic ones that you get really good Thai food take out with?

Feta: Is it generous? Did they flake it out or is it lazy chunks?

Greek Dressing: Traditional oil and herb, or is there a vinegar bonus? Serve yourself cruets or portion control? Is it real olive oil?

Do you get Tzatziki or Dill Dip?

Whats the vibe of the place? Is it a greek diner? A greek diner trying to be fancy? A hot dog place that makes greek salads? A food truck?

Stay tuned. I’ve already got a lot of R&D poured into this. Also, if you have a favorite souvlaki spot that I need to try – please let me know. Maybe I’ll even meet you for one.


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